Bohemian glassware: advantages and choices

08.03.2021, 10:33


Czech glass is highly regarded for its beautiful appearance and impeccable quality, and tableware is considered a sign of elegance and luxury.

She gained popularity not only in our country, but also worldwide recognition. The crockery is striking in its beauty, grace, and is able to emphasize the peculiarities of the style of each house. Buy utensils at https://aleks-crystal.com/en.

Czech glassware

Products of this brand include:

  1. Glass tableware. Plates, fruit vases, dishes, candy bowls made of transparent or colored glass.
  2. Glasses, wine glasses, wine glasses. Products are decorated with painting, gilding or engraving.
  3. Additional accessories. Napkin rings, spice dishes, cutlery holders, napkin holders.
  4. Decanters, jugs. Decorated with engraving, gilding and colored painting.
  5. High quality Bohemian glass products are used for everyday and festive table setting.Advantages of Bohemia cookware

Superiority of Czech glass products:

  1. A long melodic chime is obtained: by touching the edge of the vessel with moistened fingers; light knocking with a glass rod on the wall of the object; touching two glasses of each other.
  2. Outwardly beautiful and sophisticated products look stylish in any room.
  3. Gloss, transparency and uniformity. Due to the presence of lead, the dishes practically turn into crystal and let in more light.
  4. Czech utensils made of thin glass will never go out of fashion.
  5. High quality of products excludes defects even in color variations. Many collections are decorated with gold or platinum borders.
  6. The affordable cost of the product allows you to buy quality products of excellent design.

Bohemian glass is always a variety of options, a wide range of products with original color designs and paintings.

Selection rules

To purchase Bohemia branded utensils, you need to distinguish crystal from other types. To do this, you need to carefully consider the selection criteria:

  • high-quality products contain at least 4% lead;
  • Czech crystal is distinguished by its iridescent edges;
  • the products have a sharp edge that cannot be hurt;
  • crystal has a long ringing and slight vibration.

Tableware of the finest workmanship is suitable for connoisseurs of luxurious bright decorative elements. It will perfectly fit into the interior of any home, and is in perfect harmony with other items. Bohemian glassware is an ideal gift for loved ones.